Aster Centre of Excellence in Child & Adolescent Health

Centre of Excellence in Child & Adolescent Health
  • Dr Rajappan Pillai P Paediatrician
  • Dr. P.C.Alexander - Child & Adolescent Care
  • Dr. Jose Paul
  • Dr Benjamin Joseph Orthopaedic
  • Dr. Gladys Cyril
  • Dr. Jeeson C Unni
  • Dr Geetha Mammayil Gastroenterology

Led by an outstanding team of doctors, this centre offers a wide range of specialised services for comprehensive management of health problems in children.

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Is Technology Hurting
Our Children?​

    Child playing with tablet

​It’s amazing to see children as young as 2 years use phones and tablets with considerable ease. But how does this affect them physically and mentally?

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​Stress Makes Our
Children Unhealthy

    Child Studying

Life has become an unending race. We want to be ahead in everything and insist that our children too act the same way. But are they ready to take that kind of stress?

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Let’s Keep Our
Children Safe

    Child Abuse

Cases of child sexual abuse are on the rise. As parents, we need to make our children aware of the potential dangers and empower them to speak openly to us.

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Children Are What
They Eat

    Kid having burger softdrink

Do you let your child feast on burgers and pizzas often? If yes, you should read this.

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Get Them To Go Out
And Play!

    Kids playing football

Mobiles and tablets are becoming the new playground for children and all their friends are virtual. Here’s why you should put an end to this habit and encourage them play outdoors, with real friends.

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More Medicines Does Not
Mean More Cure​

    Mother giving medicine to child

It’s natural for a child to fall sick. But it’s unnatural to insist that the illness be cured in a day. Excess medication not only impacts the child’s immunity system, but also leads to complications like liver damage. ​

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How To Detect
Early Signs Of Autism


Autism Spectrum Disorders don’t have a cure. However, early intervention, specialised therapies and medications can help manage the symptoms efficiently. Here’s how you can recognise the early signs.

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Breast Milk Is The
Best Milk

    Woman feeding baby

There’s no baby food that can match up to the goodness of breast milk. Easy to digest and packed with all essential nutrients, breast milk makes the baby strong and healthy.

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Taking Care Of
Your Newborn ​

Parents tend to get all jittery and concerned when it comes to newborn care. Here’s how you can take care of your bundle of joy, without getting stressed. ​

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Vaccinations Protect
Our Children​

    Kid Fighting

Prevention is better than cure. And that’s exactly why you should ensure that your child is immunised against deadly diseases. ​

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Paediatric Orthopaedic Disorders ​

    Happy Child

Orthopaedic disorders and deformities in children need to be detected and treated in the early stages avoid future complications, including disability and loss of mobility.

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Neurodevelopmental Disorders In Children​

    Child tearing paper book

Characterised by developmental deficits that shows up during the early growing years, neurodevelopmental disorders can affect the child’s ability to memorise, learn, emote, maintain self-control and socialise.

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Kids Integrated Neurology & Development Centre

    Doctor taking care of child

​The Kids Integrated Neurology & Development Centre at Aster Medcity (Aster KIND) offers expert services for holistic management of neurological and neurodevelopmental problems in children

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Paediatric Multi-Organ
Transplant Programme​

    Happy Kid

Aster Medcity is one of the most advanced facilities in the region for liver, pancreas, kidney, heart, lung and bone marrow transplant in children.​

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Understanding Paediatric
Palliative Care

    Doctor talking to child

​Palliative care for children embraces physical, emotional, social and spiritual elements to ensure maximum relief from pain and distressing symptoms.

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Aster Sick Kids Foundation

    Kids playing with toys

We firmly believe that children deserve the best of medical care, irrespective of their background.

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Expert Speak


Our experts speak about various issues pertaining to children and how we, as parents, can adopt a preventive approach.

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