Aster Centre of Excellence in Neurosciences

Centre of Excellence in Neurosciences
  • Dr.Dilip Panikar - Neurosciences
  • Dr. Boby Varkey Maramattom - Neurosciences
  • Dr Vijay Jaykrishnan Neuroradiology
  • Dr. Sandhya Cherkil - Neurosciences
  • Dr Jacob eapen Mathew Spine Surgeon
  • Dr Sandeep Padmanabhan Neurology
  • Anup P Nair
  • Dr. Shejoy P Joshua
  • Dr Sujith Ovallath Neurology
  • Dr Prasant Narayanan Neurosurgery
  • Dr Mathew Abraham Neurology
  • Dr. Akbar Mohamed Chettali

A highly-advanced facility for Neurosurgery, Neurology, Paediatric Neurology, Interventional Neuroradiology, Neuropsychology and 24/7 Neurotrauma & Critical Care.

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Wake Up To The Need
For Sleep


Do you think a good night’s sleep is all about resting after a long, tiring day? Think again. Your body works non-stop while you sleep!

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Exercise For Brain Fitness

    Jogging Woman

Want to keep your brain fit, healthy and supercharged? Start exercising.

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Brain Boosters


Did you know that a eating healthy helps keep your brain healthy and charged? Here’s why you should eat the right things at the right time.

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4 Habits That Cause Neurological Disorders


Do you work late into the night? Smoke like a chimney? Find excuses not to exercise? If yes, it’s time you changed – for your own good.

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Your Posture Can Kill Your Back

When you spend long hours hunched over your laptop, you are hurting your back and neck and in turn, your spine.

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Check For These Symptoms

Persistent headaches? Dizziness? Back pain? Not able to remember things? Don’t ignore, it could be a neurological problem.

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Understanding Neurological Disorders

Diseases/ conditions of the brain, spine and nerves that may require medical or surgical management.

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Stroke: Are You At Risk?

Anyone can have a stroke or brain attack, anytime. If you experience weakness in the face, arms or difficulty in speaking.
call: 155218 immediately. ​

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Neurological Disorders In Children

Just like adults, children too can get affected by neurological problems, ranging from congenital issues to headaches to behavioural problems.

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Aster KIND (Kids Integrated Neurology & Development Centre)

Aster KIND offers specialised care for management of neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders in children and adolescents

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Our Promise Is Simple:
We’ll Treat You Well


Our Neurosciences team speaks about some of the most challenging cases they’ve handled.

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