Aster Centre of Excellence in Orthopaedics & Rheumatology

Orthopaedics & Rheumatology
  • Dr. Vijaya Mohan S - Orthopaedics
  • Dr. Vinod Kumar P - Orthopaedics
  • Dr. Subin Sugath - Orthopaedics
  • Dr. Jacob Eapen Mathew - Orthopaedics
  • Dr. R Riju - Orthopaedics
  • Dr. Joe Thomas
  • Dr. Sijith Sasi
  • Dr. Benjamin Joseph, Paediatric Orthopaedician
  • Dr. Deepu Vijayan
  • Dr. Imthias VK

A state-of-the-art facility for joint reconstruction, arthroscopic surgery, sports medicine, paediatric orthopaedics, orthopaedic oncology, orthopaedic spine, rheumatology, hand surgery and orthopaedic critical care.

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Get Your Free Dose Of Vitamin D

Did you know that your body needs Vitamin D to maintain good bone health? Here’s how you can get your daily dose of Vitamin D, for free.

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Essentials for strong and healthy bones

Not taking good care of your bones means making yourself prone to fractures and irreversible bone disorders like osteoporosis. Here’s how you can keep your bones break-free.

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Orthopaedic Problems: What You Should Know

From nagging pain in the joints to fractures, orthopaedic problems are many. If not treated at the right time, the problems can lead complications including loss of mobility.

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Understanding Bone Cancer

Tumours in the bone are mostly benign or non-cancerous; but malignant or cancerous tumours need to be treated at the earliest.

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Does your child have an orthopaedic disorder?

Congenital malformations, low bone mass, hormone-related issues, poor bone health due to lifestyle…orthopaedic problems in children need early intervention and expert management.

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Sports Medicine:
Play Healthy

A highly specialised sub-speciality in orthopaedics, sports medicine deals with prevention and treatment of sports injuries and optimising performance of players.

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Managing Rheumatic Diseases

Living with a rheumatic disease can be a painful ordeal. A Rheumatologist can help you manage the condition, overcome the constraints and lead an active life.

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Joint Replacement:
Starting Anew

Hip, shoulder and knee replacement is a highly effective mode of treatment to restore function/ mobility lost due to diseases like arthritis and trauma.

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Our Promise Is Simple:
We’ll Treat You Well

Our Orthopaedics & Rheumatology team speaks about some of the most challenging cases they’ve handled.

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