Internal Medicine Training (UK Equivalent - Stage 1) In
India At Aster Medcity Kochi, India

Aster Medcity has been offering the full UK CMT programme including the ePortfolio from 2017. The programme received its first full accreditation visit in 2018 after completion of one year – on the next day of the first ARCP (Annual Review Of Competence Progression) visit. The 12 trainees attending the programme provided comprehensive evidence that all thirty-six mandatory requirements of the curriculum had been met. A member of the visiting team, who is also a UK Head of School, commented that Aster Medcity is the most impressive Core Medical Training Centre* he has ever visited. 12 more candidates have been enrolled at Aster Medcity after the assessment team visit.

Aster Medcity plans to offer Internal Medicine Training (UK) for 12 more exceptional candidates in August 2019.

The Federation approves three types of accreditations - the highest being UK CMT international accreditation Level 3. Achieving this means that the programme at Aster Medcity is equivalent to UK programme in terms of educational delivery of curriculum, as per JRCPTB and the Federation.

* Core Medical Training Centre (CMT) will be replaced by Internal Medicine Training (IMT) stage 1 in 2019.

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