Sit Right, Stand Upright: Bad Posture Means Bad Back

Did you know that bad posture can lead to persistent back and neck pain and at times, spinal injury? If you already have a spinal condition or don’t want to end up with one, make sure you adopt a good posture – yes, head up, shoulder back, no hunching, rear tucked under.

Identifying Poor Postures

  • Slouching with your shoulders hunched forward
  • Lordosis or swayback: inward curve in the lower back
  • Carrying something heavy on one side of the body, which makes your shoulder lean to one side
  • Cradling a phone receiver between your neck and shoulder
  • Keeping the head held too high
  • Hunched back or ‘text neck’
  • Slouching on your chair: not sitting with your back straight
  • Slumping forward while sitting in an office chair
  • Sliding forward on the seat of the office chair
  • Leaning on one leg
  • Sleeping on a mattress or using pillow that doesn’t provide proper back support

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