Wake Up To The Need For Sleep

Sleep, contrary to what most of us think, is a highly active time for our bodies – that’s when it repairs, restores and strengthens itself and processes all the information into stacks and stacks of memories. Though researchers are yet to fully understand the critical functions of sleep and why our bodies are naturally programmed to go into deep slumber for long hours, one thing that has been proven beyond doubt is that we need sleep to stay healthy.

Though everyone needs good sleep irrespective what age they are, children need more sleep than adults as they are still in the process of growing, developing and learning. While adults need 6-8 hours of sleep every night, children need 9 to 11 hours and teenagers - 8 to 10 hours .

Sleep Works Like Magic

A good night’s sleep renews your body every day. You require long hours of sleep to allow your body to restore its balance, repair tissue, synthesise and release hormones, grow muscle and strengthen the immune system.

The other vital function of sleep is processing all the information we acquire through the day. Our brain is undoubtedly the world’s powerful supercomputer, which takes in an incredible amount of information in the form of sight, sounds, smells, emotions and experiences. When we sleep, our body gets into a high-efficiency sorting and storing mode, by processing and segregating all the information into short-term and long-term memory stacks. This amazing process is called consolidation. Researches have proven that people who sleep well can retain information better, perform better on memory tasks and are more attentive/ alert, compared to those with sleep-deficit.

Sleep works wonders on your mental wellbeing as well, by making you calmer, peaceful, organised, attentive and alert.

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