​Stroke: It’s Important To Be Informed

An unpredictable danger, stroke or brain attack can occur anytime in anyone, including children. A stroke happens when the blood flow to an area of brain gets cut of, leading to deprivation of oxygen and death of brain cells.

This happens due to two reasons:

1. When a blood clot or plaque blocks a blood vessel

2. When a blood vessel breaks or ruptures, especially due to high blood pressure (hypertension)

When the cells die, abilities and functions controlled by that particular area of the brain are lost permanently.

A stroke can be major or minor, depending on the extent of caused to the brain. A person who suffered a minor stroke may experience only temporary weakness of an arm or leg; whereas a person who had a major stroke may become paralysed for life or lose the ability to speak.

Though most of the survivors recover well (some even fully), worldwide estimates say that two third of them end up with lifelong disabilities.

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