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Toxic Love

Smoking kills millions across the world every year. Yet many people seem to be blindly in love with cigarettes, so much so that they can’t live without it. Here’s how you can call it quits, without breaking your heart.

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What’s In The Air?

There’s no fresh air in cities any more. The air we breathe is loaded with toxic pollutants, which, across time, can cause serious respiratory disorders including lung cancer. So let’s face the reality. With a mask!

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Mask On!

Constant Exposure to construction dust, paint fumes and metal particulates can prove fatal. People who work at construction sites should, as a rule, wear protective masks to save their lungs from toxic chemical build-up.

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Breath-Taking Homes

Cleansers, detergents, air fresheners…we use a variety of chemicals to keep our homes cleaner and ‘fresher’. But what we don’t realise is that these household chemicals spew poisonous fumes that cause severe lung damage.

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Open Up!

Keeping the windows closed all the time can make your home a stuffy and unhealthy place to live in. Only proper air circulation through windows and ventilators can help get rid of stale air, pollutants and chemical fumes.

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Cleanse Your Lungs!

Smoking, pollution, chemical vapours from household cleansers, air fresheners…your lungs get loaded with toxic substances everyday. Here are some natural ways to detoxify your lungs and make them healthier.

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