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The Concept

A world-class quaternary care centre with one Multispeciality Hospital and eight separate Centres of Excellence, Aster Medcity combines the best of talent and technology to provide holistic treatment with a multidisciplinary approach.

Across the years, Aster Medcity aspires to evolve into a medical destination - one that attracts and nurtures the best talent, keeps upgrading technology as well as fosters research, education and a distinctive work culture that is ethically and socially relevant.

360o View

Aster Medcity

Set in a soothingly beautiful 40-acre waterfront campus, Aster Medcity is a 670-bed quaternary care facility with one Multispeciality Hospital and eight separate Centres of Excellence in Cardiac Sciences, Neurosciences, Orthopaedics & Rheumatology, Nephrology & Urology, Oncology, Women’s Health, Child & Adolescent Health and Gastroenterology & Hepatology.

The first quaternary care hospital in Kerala to achieve the coveted JCI (Joint Commission International) Accreditation – the gold standard in global healthcare, Aster Medcity also won the NABH Accreditation, first-ever NABH Award for Excellence in Nursing and Green OT (Green Operation Theatres) Certification by Bureau Veritas – all within one year of opening its door to the world.

One of the most advanced healthcare destinations in India, Aster Medcity offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic technology to facilitate efficient and accurate treatment.

We'll Treat You Well

This is our promise, our philosophy and way of life. And we’ll strive to honour this promise, every day, every moment, by doing everything we can to ensure you high quality, personalised medical care.

World-Class Medical Team

Aster Medcity has an outstanding team of healthcare professionals comprising nationally and internationally trained doctors who are experts in their specialities, ACLS/BLS/ATLS/PALS certified nurses, dieticians, rehabilitation therapists and qualified technicians. Capable of handling the most complex cases, they provide optimal and evidence-based treatment to patients, with a multidisciplinary approach.


For the first time in India


Automatic Drug Dispensing Pharmacy. Fully Automated Pharmacy Robot for faster and 100% precise dispensing of medicines

For the first time in South India

First time in South India

Digital ICU/ E-ICU : Digitalized charting in ICUs, which is integrated to HIS for medications and to medical equipment like Ventilators, Patient Monitors, Syringe and Infusion Pumps to ensure unmatched efficiency in treatment. The ICUs have ceiling mounted Pendants to carry equipment, electricity and medical gases to facilitate easier patient care

For the first time in Kerala


Robotic Surgery:Da Vinci Robot (Da Vinci IS3000 Series Single Console Surgery System), a robot for performing surgical procedures in Cardiology, Oncology, Gynaecology and Urology, with unmatched precision and accuracy.

ECMO: Takes over the function of the heart and lung temporarily in the event of heart failure

World-class Imaging and Interventional Radiology


256-Slice Philips iCT- one of the fastest CT scanners with lowest radiation dose, rendering superior results for CT Angiography. Advantage of live CT Fluoroscopy for guided interventions. Wide-bore, 3 Tesla fully digital MRI with extremely low rate of claustrophobia, offers highest image quality in musculoskeletal, specialised neuro and cardiac applications. Large field, Bi-plane Flat panel detector Cath Lab with Angio-CT capability and live 3D road mapping - facilitates extremely accurate catheter navigation and device deployment in interventional neuroradiology and vascular interventional radiology. Digital Mammography and Tomosynthesis to detect even the smallest calcified lesion. IntelliSpace Portal - helps in exceptional collaborative workflow with real-time sharing for accurate diagnostic reporting and efficient treatment.

Advanced Technical Support

  • Fully digitalised Anaesthesia care station. Digital Telemetry- A Patient Vitals Management System that enables transferring of Patients Vitals through Wireless transmission (patients wearing the vital monitoring transponder) for real-time recording, transmission and archiving; thereby ensuring zero loss chances of patients’ vitals
  • Pneumatic Chute- to avoid time lapse in medicine, sample dispensing

Location & Design

Kochi, Kerala, India


India’s finest healthcare facility. And a location that’s beautifully perfect. Aster Medcity is located in Kochi – a city that’s a fascinating combination of nature and modern life. This green patch of peace, flanked by backwaters and beaches, is well connected by air, rail and road with an International Airport (Cochin International Airport) that’s just 30minutes away from Aster Medcity, two Railway Terminals – Ernakulam South and Ernakulam North and National Highway 47 & National Highway 17.

Unique design


The design philosophy of Aster Medcity is simple - it’s all for the patient. Spaces that are actually spacious, rooms and waiting lounges that don’t make one claustrophobic, patient care areas that assure privacy and easy access to all facilities, an ambience that’s soothing to the eyes and mind, a place that’s peaceful and positive – everything is designed for the comfort and convenience of patients.

Aster Medcity Team

Alisha Moopen

Deputy Managing Director – Aster DM Healthcare
Team Alishamoopen

Dr. Harish Pillai

CEO - Aster India
Team Harishpillai

Ambili Vijayaraghavan

Team Ambilivijayaraghavan

Dr. T R John

Chief Of Medical Services
Team John

Dr. Geetha Philips

Director of Academic Affairs
Concept Geethaphilip

Sunil Kumar

Finance Controller
Team Sunilkumar

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