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Sharing Makes A Difference ​

There are many, many children around us who suffer from life-threatening medical conditions but have no hope of recovery or survival, simply because their families cannot afford to bear their treatment expenses.

The Aster Sick Kids (ASK) Foundation, a joint initiative by Aster and Dr. Moopen’s Foundation, brings ray of hope to deserving children by lending a helping hand. The foundation extends expert medical care/ treatment support to critically ill children under the age of 18, who require advanced life support, cancer treatment, transplant surgery and neonatal intensive care, with the help of funds raised through several charitable activities.

ASK: How It Works

For us, ASK is all about giving.

We give more than we take; we give children the best of treatment

we give them all the support they need to lead a healthier life.

That’s why when we get a contribution; we give it back as healthcare that’s worth four times the amount.

Treatment At Aster Medcity

If a child who is being treated at Aster Medcity requires financial help for treatment, the ASK Foundation will conduct a detailed assessment of his or her current medical status, family/ economic background, the extent of support the family can provide and the best possible medical outcome.

Once the assessment is complete and the child is found to be a deserving candidate, 75% of the total treatment bill will be waived, with Dr. Moopen’s Foundation and Aster Medcity chipping in, equally.

Treatment At Affiliated Hospitals

The ASK Foundation also extends help to deserving children who are being treated at other hospitals.

If the prescribed eligibility criteria are met, the Foundation will pay 25 % of the estimated treatment cost directly to the hospital where the child is being treated.

Treatments Supported By ASK

Cancer Care

Ensuring the best possible outcome through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Intensive Care For Fatal Ailments

Intensive care for critically ill children, including ventilator/life support.

Neonatal Intensive Care

Advanced life support for premature babies with insufficient body weight or congenital defects.

Life-Saving Surgeries

Support for life-saving procedures including heart surgery and solid organ transplant.

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