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Joint Replacement Surgery

One of the most successful modes of treatment to restore mobility and function, joint replacement surgery has advanced at a rapid pace over the past two decades with phenomenal improvement in surgical techniques and technology; prosthesis design; accuracy of instrumentation and better understanding of biomechanics of the joint leading. As a result, the success rate of procedures in terms of restoration of function as well as longevity of prosthesis has increased manifold, bringing in hope and relief to millions who suffer from serious joint disorders/ dysfunction.

In the initial days, joint replacement surgery was limited to restoring mobility/ function without pain in elderly patients crippled by disorders of the hip and knee (the most affected weight-bearing joints). However, with advancement in technique and technology, it is now possible to replace almost all joints in the body.

Joint replacement is a procedure that gives a new lease of life to patients who suffer from extreme pain and joint dysfunction due to conditions like arthritis, high wear and tear, congenital abnormalities and also joint destruction due to high-energy trauma. One can live a normal, active life after the procedure, which involves surgery and physical rehabilitation.

Aster Centre of Excellence in Orthopaedics & Rheumatology is one of the most advanced facilities in the region for joint replacement, with a highly experienced team of joint reconstruction surgeons who are capable of handling the most complex cases including revision and re-revision surgery.

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