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Get Back In The Game! Sports Medicine

One of the fastest growing subspecialities in medicine, sports medicine involves prevention of injuries/ illnesses, maximisation of performance and comprehensive management of physical and psychological wellbeing in sports professionals by using several assessment and rehabilitation tools including biomechanics and advanced physical therapy.

The Centre of Excellence in Orthopaedics & Rheumatology at Aster Medcity is the first and only facility in Kerala to offer sports medicine services.

Sports Medicine Physicians are those who specialise in non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal conditions that can be classified under sports injuries. They help people, primarily sports professionals to manage injuries without non-operative surgery and get back in the game with the help of appropriate treatment modes.

What Do Sports Medicine Physicians Do?

Sports Medicine Physicians provide comprehensive treatment solutions/ specialised services including:

  • »Management of injuries like Concussion (mild traumatic brain injury); muscle cramps; tear or sprain of ACL (anterior cruciate ligament - a ligament involved in knee stabilisation); ankle sprain; shin splints and muscle strains.
  • »Injury prevention.
  • »Management of chronic illnesses like asthma or diabetes.
  • »Comprehensive management of problems/ sudden issues in performance.
  • »A holistic approach to management of psychological issues that impact the performance.
  • »Solution to Nutrition/ diet issues.
  • »Bringing about more fitness – physical and mental
  • »Help with treatment/ medicines that comply with international drug/dope rules
  • »Recommendations for safe strength training and conditioning exercises
  • »Customised plan for a healthy lifestyle

They also serve as Team Physicians for local/ national teams and clubs and look after the following:

  • »Pre-participation physical examination
  • »Injury assessment and management
  • »Sports-related and general medical requirement of athletes
  • »Special care for different sections of people
  • »Sports psychology problems
  • »Substance use problems
  • »Education and counseling on illness and injury prevention
  • »Coordinating care with other members of the sports medicine team that comprise personal physicians, athletic trainers, physical/ rehabilitation experts
  • »Enable communication/ discussions with trainers, coaches, school administration and the sports person’s family to ensure the best possible outcomes

Biomechanics: The Physics Of Sports

Sports Biomechanics is a highly specialised quantitative study/ analysis of sports-related activities in a sports person.The laws of mechanics are applied in order to get a better understanding of his/her performance through mathematical modelling, computer simulation and measurement of action of forces. Mechanics involves two factors – statics (study of systems that are in a state of constant motion either at rest or moving with a constant velocity) and dynamics (study of systems in motion and acceleration, which may involve kinematics and kinetics). The Sports Medicine Physician, along with the rest of the team, analyses the all the activities of the person including his/her playing style, body, limbs and feet movement and creates customised treatment, counselling, nutrition and rehabilitation strategy to ensure maximum performance.

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