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Let Your Home Breathe Freely!

Your home, just like your lungs needs to breathe so that fresh air comes in and stale air goes out. The air in your home can get dirty easily with odours, tobacco smoke, dust, fumes from household chemicals, room fresheners, oily smoke from the kitchen, gases, pollutants and carbon dioxide exhaled breaths. The air indoors will remain safe, healthy and ‘breathable’ only if it circulates seamlessly with the fresh air outside.

However, since it may not be a good to leave the windows open all time, here are some simple, practical ways to make sure that your home is not left gasping for fresh air:

  • When you stay in a closed area that’s not ventilated, you end up breathing the same air again and again. Older the air, lesser will be the Oxygen content in it. So it’s important that you allow free air circulation (even in air conditioned rooms) and ensure enough oxygen for your brain and body.
  • Make sure you ventilate your home/ apartment by keeping windows open for at least 3 – 4 hours every day.
  • Daytime is the best time to leave the windows open, for both security and health reasons (especially if there’s mosquito menace in your area).
  • Ensure that you keep windows/vents open while cleaning your home with chemicals to ensure that the toxic fumes get pushed out.
  • Always ventilate your home after spraying/using pesticides and fungicides.
  • The best way to freshen your room is to ensure proper air circulation. Constant use of air fresheners is not good for your family’s respiratory health.

Benefits Of Fresh Air

  • Cleans your lungs and helps it function better.
  • Keeps you alert and sharper as Oxygen boosts your brain function.
  • Helps improve your heart health, as it is rich in Oxygen.
  • Helps maintain a strong immunity system, as the white blood cells in your body require plenty of Oxygen to function well.
  • Helps digest food better and does not leave you fatigued
  • Refreshes and relaxes your mind.
  • Normalises your blood pressure and heart beat rate.
  • Boosts energy levels

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