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Aster Medcity launches SUDOSCAN

Test results can be obtained within three minutes by using the novel technology.

Early detection is the key to controlling and preventing diabetes complications. Sudoscan helps in the early detection of the onset of Type 2 diabetes and any of its complications. It’s a simple non-invasive (non-surgical), painless and quick test for the early detection of neuropathic abnormalities. SUDOSCAN test can be completed within just three minutes. It checks the function of small nerves through sweat glands. Sweat function reflects the health of nerves that control heart rate, digestion, urination, respiratory rate, sexual function, blood functions that are generally impacted with diabetes.

People aged 35 years and above, having a family history of diabetes or smoking and drinking habits, engaged mainly in office work, leading a sedentary lifestyle and overweight, are advised to undergo the test. This helps to develop the right treatment plan.

SUDOSCAN was launched at Aster Medcity for the first time in Kerala. The approximate cost for this test is Rs 1500.

For more details call: 81119980760484 66 99999


Frequently Answered Questions

Why test sudomotor function?

A sudomotor function test is a quick and reliable way of identifying certain types of neuropathies. The presently available tests detect only 50-60% of neuropathies. This test helps the clinician to identify small fiber neuropathies and improve diagnostic accuracy.


SUDOSCAN is an approved device used to test the sudomotor function and test for Small fiber neuropathies. The test is non-invasive, accurate and fast. No patient preparation or fasting is needed and outcome of the test is available within 3 minutes.

What information does SUDOSCAN provide?

SUDOSCAN gives you the information about the small fiber nerve functions. In a SUDOSCAN test, electrical conductance of the hands and feet are measured. Test results with high conductance means normal sweat function whereas low conductance indicates peripheral or autonomic neuropathy.

Who should get tested with a SUDOSCAN?

A SUDOSCAN test is very useful if you have burning feet, an undiagnosed neuropathy or for periodic assessment of patients with a known neuropathy. It is effective in identifying autonomic neuropathy caused by diabetes and other diseases.

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