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1000 robot surgery new 01

Aster Medcity completes over 1000 robotic surgeries

Kochi: In a significant achievement, Aster Medcity has successfully completed more than 1000 robotic surgeries, including 119 renal transplant surgeries. The hospital performed a total of 1010 robotic surgeries on 995 patients during the period from 2015 to October 2020.

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EMERGENCY CARDIAC 01 Chest Pain Emergency Clinic new

Aster Medcity launches Rapid Access Chest Pain Emergency Clinic

Kochi: Aster Medcity has launched Rapid Access Chest Pain Emergency Clinic (RACPC) on the occasion of the World Heart Day on Tuesday for express assessment of the patients who suffered chest pain and suspecting angina, a type of chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to the heart.

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Still1212 00021 aisha 1 1 new

Aisha – The one who survived

Aisha Salim Al Ghailani, hailing from Oman was brought to the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) Department of the Aster Medcity on the 24th of January 2020. She was drowsy, disorientated and had a tracheostomy tube to help her breathe. She was bed bound and was tube fed ever since she was admitted in Oman in December of 2019.

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IMG 8335 cmt passingout 1 new

Aster Medcity witnessed the graduation of their first batch of Core medical trainees (CMT) on 24th June 2020.

Aster Medcity witnessed the graduation of their first batch of Core medical trainees (CMT) on 24th June 2020. Core medical training (now called Internal Medicine training stage 1) is the United Kingdom’s post graduate training programme in the field of Internal medicine. Aster Medcity is the first centre outside the European Union and the second centre outside the UK to be level 3 accredited (equivalent to training in the UK) by the Joint Royal College Physicians training Board (JRCPTB).

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UAE to tackle Covid 19 1 new

Aster DM Healthcare sends a medical team to the UAE to tackle Covid-19

Kochi: Aster DM Healthcare has sent a medical team, comprising doctors and nurses, to the UAE to help the country to fight Covid-19 pandemic. The 88-member medical team from hospitals under Aster DM Healthcare, including 19 from Aster Medcity, has left to Dubai on Saturday evening. They were flown in a special flight of the UAE government and following Covid-19 protocols, including social distancing.

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SUR 4194 steps 1

Aster Medcity launches STEPS Centre

Kochi: Aster Medcity, a leading healthcare service provider in the state, has launched the System for TB Elimination in Private Sector (STEPS) Centre under the Revised National TB Control Programme on Saturday. The STEPS Centre was inaugurated by S. Suhas, District Collector, Ernakulam, at a function presided over by Dr. Azad Moopen, Chairman, Aster DM Healthcare.

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Evt feb 17 remove blocls

Aster Medcity doctors successfully remove blocks in 56-year-old patient’s blood vessel after completely stopping blood supply to the brain

Kochi: Doctors at Aster Medcity gave a new lease of life to a 56-year-old woman patient by successfully removing blocks in her carotid artery, blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood to head and brain, after completely the stopping blood supply to the brain. The procedure was performed by a medical team headed by Dr. Boby Varkey Maramattom, Interventional Neurologist and Dr. George Varghese Kurien, Consultant, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery. The blood supply to the brain was completely stopped for four minutes, according to the medical team.

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Aa 5 sahayog

Sahayog 2020

Centre of Excellence in Oncology at Aster Medcity, Kochi in association with the NSS Unit - Department of PS & RT and Department of Ship Technology, conducted Sahayog 2020, a program on Cancer awareness on 4 February 2020 at CUSAT, Kochi.The program was conducted on the occasion of World Cancer Day.

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2 eod event

Academic programme on radiotherapy for Head & Neck cancers

The Department of Radiation Oncology at Aster Medcity organised an academic programme on radiotherapy for Head & Neck cancers. Dr. Anand K Sharma, one of the leading Radiation Oncologists, University of South Carolina, USA, delivered an invited talk on ‘The Role of Radiotherapy in Head & Neck Cancer’. This was followed by a Tumour Board Discussion on challenging cases presented by participants from various cancer centres in Ernakulam, with some of the most respected names from the field of Head & Neck Oncology. They discussed the cases in detail and deliberated on the optimum, customised treatment plan based on international guidelines. Several experts from cancer centres across Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra also joined the programme via video conference.

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CAM31899 evts 2020


Pacemakers have been inserted for over the last 50 years in India for individuals with low pulse rate. Earlier pacemakers were just restoring the pulse rate but was not able to retain the heart function to the full extent. However, the technology has grown in leaps and bounds to make pacemakers more reliable, longer lasting and pacemakers are now even able to replicate the natural rhythm of the heart . One such technique is the “His Bundle pacing “. Aster Medcity had done this innovative pacing using the latest technology 1 year ago for the first time in Kerala and subsequently has done 10 more patients successfully.

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